How to do create more value with any windfall

Person holding 100 dollar banknotes
Person holding 100 dollar banknotes
Alexander Mils,

Are you still sitting on your stimulus checks, unsure about how to spend them? These are a few somewhat unconventional ideas I put together to make a meaningful investment with that money.

It’s nothing radical, but it’s not mindless consumerism. Besides, you probably don’t need another TV or a PS5.

While I’m directly referring to the stimulus checks many Americans got throughout the pandemic, these ideas apply to any amount of extra cash you’ve got lying around.

Like many Americans, I’ve gotten several significant stimulus checks over the past year.

Before I go any further, I’ll admit that I’m in…

The unspoken benefits of being an employee are vanishing.

Photo: Pixabay —

I spent most of the morning in the office bathroom.

At first I thought it was a mild hangover— sometimes the extra beer with my Sunday night popcorn makes for a rough Monday morning. But after the fourth or fifth trip to the stalls, it dawned on me that I’d caught whatever it was that had leveled my son over the weekend.

Luckily, I made it home before spiking a fever and spewing all over the bathroom, but just barely. The rest of the day was spent shivering in bed.

The following morning, I wasn’t feeling much better. I called…

The questions you need to ask in order to live an intentional life

Melvin Wahlin,

When someone mentions inertia, what comes to mind?

Most people jump straight to Newton’s 1st Law of Motion and memories of middle-school science classes.

Britannica defines Newton’s 1st Law as follows:

“If a body is at rest or moving at a constant speed in a straight line, it will remain at rest or keep moving in a straight line at constant speed unless it is acted upon by a force.”

Me? I have other thoughts about inertia. I find that the Oxford Languages definition hits much closer to home:

“a tendency to do nothing or to remain unchanged.”

Inertia isn’t…

And it won’t stop until you do these four things

Photo: Meryl Katys

“I don’t want to talk about it. My brain is fried right now. I’ll tell you tomorrow,” she said quietly, simultaneously attempting to ignore our children spilling food everywhere but into their mouths.

In that instant at the dinner table, I identified the struggle that’s been gnawing at my guts over the past few months.

Most of our good energy goes to the corporate world. Why do we allow the rest of our obligations to settle for the scraps?

We’d both had a tiring day. Apparently, anything beyond “how was it?” pleasantries would be all but impossible. …

So stop looking.

Javon Swaby,

When I first moved to Germany and started learning German, I would spend hours googling words and researching the language.

How do I craft a perfect German email? What do I have to say to get my points across perfectly? Where can I go to get my work permit? Which German course is the best?

The same thing when I decided I wanted to start a side hustle.

I spent roughly four years “researching” what I could do and how I should do it.

I asked the search engine gods questions like:

  • Should I start a blog?
  • How can I…

Photo: Anna Tarazevich

But long-term good, not short term.

It’s Sunday night again, another week has passed. Sometime during the afternoon, the dread started rolling in, like a Midwestern storm in the dead of summer. The sky clouds over, and my chest fills with a sense of impending doom.

A full night’s sleep isn’t looking so likely. Racing thoughts about work often keep me up late on Sundays. There are a few projects I’ve been trying to get a handle on at work. But it’s not going so well, and there’s always something.

Did I spend the weekend working on them? …

Is always taking the easy way out

This Sunday morning got off to a quiet start. Like most weekends, the kids spent Saturday night with Oma and Opa (my in-laws), and my wife and I got to enjoy about 16 hours to ourselves.

We normally take it easy on Saturday night, so getting up at 6:30 AM on Sunday is a breeze. Since the children don’t come home until 9:30 or so, we’ve got 2–3 hours to do what we want.

The ambitious thing to do would be to use that time for some “doing”. That doing could mean writing, working on client projects, or perfecting client…

Does work really have to suck?

Nike Air Jordan’s with basketball
Nike Air Jordan’s with basketball
JD Danny —

My wife and I recently watched The Last Dance on Netflix. We’re a little late to the party, but that’s OK.

The series is pretty well done and really makes me want to get out on a basketball court. Although, I can barely make a basket…

Interestingly enough, the only “bad guy” I could find was Jerry Krause, and I’m sure he had his own reasons for wanting to break up the band. At least that’s how the producers edited the show. And unfortunately, he’s not around to defend himself anymore.

Throughout the 10 episodes, three things really stuck out…

And leverage is what you need to succeed.

When we first start our careers, many of us pick up some bad habits. We work extremely hard, believing in a pure meritocracy and that working the hardest will guarantee you’ll move up in the world.

I’m not against hard work, but this expectation does two things:
1. Keeps you chained to paths that aren’t right for you, ultimately leading to burnout and regret.
2. It’s sometimes considered a substitute for strategic, targeted effort.

Hell, maybe these mindsets start long before we start actual jobs. Maybe they come from an education system drilling conformity and obedience into your brain.


Three strategic tips to supercharge your journey.

Photo by Frans van Heerden,

Few pursuits are more fulfilling than consistently working to close the gaps between where we are and where we want to be. Even tiny wins can have a large impact on our well-being and general happiness.

Imagine that one of your gaps is consistently eating well. For the most part, you eat sustainably sourced, minimally processed foods. But when you do occasionally treat yourself (i.e. 3x per week), you tend to eat the whole tub of Ben & Jerry’s, or an entire 300g (10 oz.) bag of peanut M&Ms.

This week however, you managed to treat yourself only once to…

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